The Nr.1 green-reading app


This section provides material on how to improve the golfer's skills to execute a putt.

The core putt drill

The core putt drill is a way to learn or gage the speed of the green as it relates to you personally, your putter, your ball and your timing pattern. Make three identical strokes with the same size (amplitude) and timing pattern (tempo and rhythm back-through). It is important to use three or more identicals balls that then should roll exactly the same distance. So, you calibrate your body and brain for the actual green speed of the day. When you face a putt of different distance, your brain dictates your body to make a longer or shorter backstroke with the same timing pattern and rhythm.

How to find the fall line

Exploring the intricacies of a putting green involves understanding the elusive concept of the fall line – the direction of maximum slope that significantly influences the trajectory of a golf ball. Identifying the fall line is a crucial skill for any golfer aiming to master the nuances of putting. Fortunately, there are several methods at your disposal to discern this critical element of the putting green.

How to find the height difference in percent

To find the height difference in percent (%) for a putt, you need to measure the vertical height difference in centimeters or inches from the highest point to the lowest point. Then, divide this number by the total length in centimeter or inches and multiply by 100. This will give you the percentage of the height difference in percent (%).